Hunt for the Northern Lights

Seeing the aurora borealis a.k.a. the northern lights has been on my bucket list since I did a project on it in the 3rd grade. I even have a price alert set for cheap tickets to Reykjavik. I’m not even kidding…

I also did a project on mangoes that year. Mangoes are great.

When this last batch of solar storms was producing visible lights as far south as Cape Cod I checked the solar storm forecast and made a plan. I had to get out of Cambridge and heading north was probably a safe bet. Last night I packed up all my gear, hoped in my car and headed up to Lake Winnipesaukee in New Hampshire to try to get my first glimpse… and some awesome photos. Unfortunately there are no guarantees on this stuff and aurora wasn’t visible. The first show of light wasn’t until this shot of the sunrise at 4:25 this morning. /sigh. I’ll keep checking those price alerts.


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