Photography Books and Projects

Infrared Photography: Artistic Techniques for Brilliant Images

infrared-bookAfter a year of hard work, lots of photos and more than a little editing, I’m proud to announce that my first book is complete! Co-authored with the amazing Laurie Klein, Infrared Photography; Artistic Techniques for Brilliant Images is now available for pre-order! For tips and tricks on infrared capture and understanding how light outside of the visible spectrum behaves pick up your copy today!



The Warm Heart of Africa

africa-bok With the help of friends, family, and more than a few strangers, my first Kickstarter campaign, ‘The Warm Heart of Africa’ exceeded its goal just before Christmas of 2013. That made it possible for me to spend two month in the beginning of 2014 photographing wildlife and endangered species in SubSaharan Africa. This book is the end result of that project. It is for all those who helped me along the way, who supported and encouraged me to pursue what I wanted most. This book is the first of many, and I couldn’t have done it without that support.